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Cherry Forensics is a Division of A. I. Cherry Limited. We are an established firm of Chartered Accountants and have been in business for over 30 years. We are a forensic accountancy firm located in Winckley Square www.winckleysquare.org.uk in Preston, in the heart of the legal and professional life of the City.

Headed by Ian Cherry, our Forensic Department has a combined total of over 50 years’ experience in Forensic Accounting. Our Director and Staff have each had experience in giving evidence in Courts and Tribunals at all levels. Together we have carried out more than two thousand assignments for our clients. We have carried out work both nationally and overseas to our extensive client base.

Ian Cherry - Forensic Accountant

Specialty Services

We undertake both civil and criminal assignments and act for claimants and defendants and as single joint experts, and arbitrators and expert determinate’s.

We offer a fast turnaround on the preparation of Client Reports in between four to six weeks. We will give you a quote for our services before commencing work and will not proceed without your agreement to our quote. Therefore you will have cost certainty for yourself and for your client at the outset of our relationship.

Some of the key areas of forensic accountancy that we specialise in are:

Personal Injury

We have substantial experience in the forensic accountancy area of personal injury claims including clinical and medical negligence, fatal accidents and pension losses, in both Claimant and Defendant cases.

Valuations & Disputes

Business, Share Valuations and Shareholder Disputes. The need for valuations typically arises in shareholder disputes, divorces, contractual disputes, partnership disputes as well as negligence cases.

Arbitration Services

We resolve business related disputes and issues by expert determination or arbitration. These are Alternative Dispute Resolution (“ADR”) procedures which disputing parties can agree to employ.

Professional Negligence

We can assist through various stages of a professional negligence claim, from initial advice to expert witness services. This includes opinions on liability and/or quantum of loss, relating to the conduct and competence of accountants, auditors, actuaries and financial services professionals.

Divorce Investigations

Forensic accountants typically become involved if the courts require a valuation of a business or a shareholding. Normally a forensic accountant is jointly instructed to act in an independent capacity to prepare a report which the advisers and the court can use to consider the division of assets.

Fraud & Regulatory Investigations

Our forensic accountancy team is very experienced in the area of Fraud and can assist with many types of fraud investigations, including; civil fraud,
employee theft, criminal fraud
and proceeds of crime.

What is Forensic Accountancy?

Forensic derives from the Latin ‘Forensis’ “in open court, public” (mid-17th Century) and is thus defined as relating to Courts of Law (definition from the Compact Oxford English Dictionary). A Forensic Accountant uses his/her accounting, auditing and other professional skills combined with knowledge of the legal framework adopted by the courts to provide assistance in legal disputes. This will usually result in the accountant preparing a report to assist the court and then appearing as an Expert Witness to give evidence in court.  The purpose of the Forensic Accountant is to use his professional accounting skills to explain to non-accountants complex accounting matters and to provide his opinion on those matters based upon his knowledge and experience in a manner which can be easily understood by a non-accountant.

Since the firm’s inception in 1988, we have specialised in Forensic Accountancy. We have taken instructions on several thousand cases.

As forensic accountants we work very closely with the legal profession particularly Solicitors, Barristers, and the Courts.  There is a prescribed legal framework to which we must adhere. We have extensive accounting and auditing experience, an enquiring mind, the ability to digest and assimilate large volumes of information and disseminate the salient facts, whilst communicating in a clear and concise manner. These are skills that we as Forensic Accountants and Expert Witnesses have developed in over 30 years’ experience of this type of work.

We have developed a number of Case Studies to provide examples of the common areas of forensic specialisation. These are:

  • Stunt Man Acting on a large Walt Disney Production (Acting on behalf of the Claimant);
  • A Senior Police Officer Wrongly Convicted of Offences (Acting on behalf of the Claimant initially and then jointly instructed by both parties following directions from the Court);
  • A Motorbike Fabricator (Acting on behalf of the Defendant);
  • A Social Care Provider (Acting on behalf of the Defendant);

  • An Entrepreneur (Acting on behalf of the Defendant).

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Forensic Accounting Services

To hear more about our Forensic Accountancy Services or to discuss your specific requirements with a member of our Team please call us on 01772 201015. Alternatively you can send an email to mail@cherryforensics.co.uk and a member of our Team will contact you at the earliest possible convenience

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