Case Study 1

Instructed: By the Claimant
Award: Over £2 million
Nature of Claim: Stunt Man Acting on a large Walt Disney Production
Instructed by the Solicitors for the Claimant who was a stunt man working on a major studio film for Walt Disney Corporation.

The Claimant was seriously injured when working on a stunt at great height involving sliding down a trip wire with another stunt man on his back. The stunt coordinator did not set up the stunt properly and as a consequence the claimant fell with his passenger from a great height seriously injuring his right ankle.

As a consequence of his injuries the claimant had to retire from his occupation as a stuntman. AIC was instructed to prepare an evaluation of the loss of earnings suffered by the claimant. The matter was very complicated in that the Claimant was at a critical point in his career and the evidence indicated that but for the accident he could have progressed to stunt coordinator and stunt director.

It was further complicated by the fact that the Stunt Man had relocated overseas by the date of the award. The tax on his damages was therefore assessed according to the tax regime in which he was now resident. AIC modelled a number of different scenarios for past and future losses dependent upon the claimant’s expected career progression with clearly evaluated losses for each potential outcome.

As a consequence it was possible to quantify the common areas of agreement and identify the value of those areas in dispute. The parties were able to agree a settlement which valued the Loss of Earnings element of the claim at over £2,000,000.