The need for valuations typically arises in shareholder disputes, divorces, contractual disputes, partnership disputes as well as negligence cases.

Using our technical, forensic and analytical skills we have the ability to produce business and share valuations of the businesses concerned. We have dealt with businesses of varying sizes and complexity including partnerships, limited companies, and small family businesses of varying and large companies both here and overseas.

While well-known valuation methods can give you an outline idea, ultimately your business is only worth what someone is prepared to pay for it. The correct approach to evaluating and negotiating a sale can have a big impact.

There are several standard techniques that can be used to provide a benchmark valuation for your business.

We have provided many reports in relation to:

  • Whole Company Valuations
  • Values Attributable to Individual Shareholders
  • Partnership and Quasi-Partnership Valuations
  • Goodwill Assessments
  • Shareholder and Minority Interest Disputes
  • International Valuation Standards
Business and Share Valuations

Forensic Accounting Services

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