Divorce Investigations and Valuations

Divorcing parties are increasingly looking to Forensic Accountants for help. With divorcing parties increasingly likely to own assets via corporate structures, family lawyers are turning more and more to forensic accountants for help.

Forensic accountants typically become involved if the courts require a valuation of a business or a shareholding. Normally a forensic accountant is jointly instructed to act in an independent capacity to prepare a report which the advisers and the court can use to consider the division of assets. As well as acting as a single joint expert, we have been engaged as a single party expert and shadow expert in high-value cases and have prepared advisory reports for use in mediation.

We have substantial experience in the area of divorce investigations and matrimonial disputes to ensure that favourable outcomes are achieved and professional service is delivered in the correct manner.

We are also able to assist with investigating one party’s financial disclosure for accuracy and correctness.

We are much experienced in dealing with highly sensitive issues that present themselves in matrimonial disputes and divorces and we are careful not to intensify the already challenging circumstances in which divorcing parties may find themselves to be in.

We also have experience of looking into matters such as taxation and liquidity reviews connected to matrimonial matters.

Divorce Investigations and Valuations by Cherry Forensics

Forensic Accounting Services

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