Fatal Accident Claims

The determination of loss of dependency in fatal accident claims brought under the Law Reform Act (1934) and the Fatal Accidents Act (1976), and includes the determination of earnings and pension in loss dependency cases, the deduction for expenditure on self and joint purse approach to the evaluation of loss of dependency.

We have prepared many reports of loss of dependency claims acting both for the estate of the deceased and the defendants.

In terms of cases of the utmost severity, these typically involve very serious personal injury such that the claimant has permanent injuries and may never be able to walk again with the potential loss of mental faculty.

We are also experienced in undertaking calculations on behalf of seriously injured children where there is a loss of lifetime’s earnings arising.

In cases such as these, we are usually provided with the reports of other experts, for example, care, housing and other specific areas and can assist instructing solicitors in preparation of the overall schedule of loss as well as the loss of earnings aspects.

Forensic Accounting Services

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