Insurance Claims

Our team of forensic accountants undertakes substantial volumes of work for insurance companies in disputes of losses following an insurable event. In particular we deal with:

Insurance Disputes

We can address ‘Business Interruption Claims’ and ‘Schedule 8’. Such disputes occur when, as a result of negligent actions, an individual or a company suffers a loss.

Insured Loss

In insurance litigation cases there are often a number of aspects to consider when assessing or investigating potential loss. There are often future losses to consider in which case we are able to apply our expert skills to analyse and interpret appropriate settlement figures.

We provide flexible solutions to meet your requirements and will undertake the initial assessment of cases free of charge in order to establish the level of input required.

Forensic Accounting Services

To hear more about our Forensic Accountancy Services or to discuss your specific requirements with a member of our Team please call us on 01772 201015. Alternatively you can send an email to and a member of our Team will contact you at the earliest possible convenience