Loss of Earnings and Pension Rights

In our role as forensic accountants we can prepare reports and calculations setting out the loss of earnings, loss of profits or loss of pension suffered by the Claimant.

Our forensic accountants’ team provide comprehensive and detailed quantum assessments of loss of earnings for both self-employed and employed individuals in personal injury and clinical negligence cases.

Loss of Earnings Reports
We offer forensic accounting expertise on an Expert or Agency basis to assess the Client’s loss of earnings. We can add real value in complex cases relating to all elements of loss for employed and self-employed claims. Our approach is challenging and thorough, acting on both a single or joint basis if required. We have enormous experience in the whole of this complex area.

Employed Loss of Earnings Claims
In employed loss cases we are pleased to obtain all relevant information relating to the client’s losses including salary slips, details of potential promotion/career progression, information relating to overtime/bonuses, share option schemes and reduced capacity.

Self Employed Loss of earnings Claims
We are pleased to assist in obtaining all relevant information relating to the client and their business including tax returns, details of lost contracts, and details of expenses incurred and detailed profit and loss accounts (we are often called upon to liaise directly with the client’s accountant in such circumstances).

Our forensic accountants deal with cases involving business owners, directors, those in partnerships, trade/skilled workers and consultants.

Pension loss elements in claims are usually highly complex. Valuation of quantum loss of earnings in negligence cases, for example, road traffic accidents and fatal accident cases which also includes commercial disputes and professional negligence cases. Additionally, the valuation of loss of pension rights in cases of loss of earnings or fatal accidents.

Pension losses are a key head of damage and we advise on these cases extensively, often as a Single Joint Expert. This has led to us being instructed on pension related cases involving disputes over defined benefit or defined contribution schemes, employers giving incorrect details as to employees’ pension entitlements and loss of the value of pension rights where employees are dismissed or made redundant.

The court uses a specified approach to the calculation of loss of pension rights in order to value the loss of future pension which is then discounted back to the date of the trial or settlement as part of the overall damages to be received. We are very familiar with undertaking these calculations.

Training and Lectures
We offer training and lectures on topics relevant to personal injury claims and other areas of our forensic accounting work.

Forensic Accounting Services

To hear more about our Forensic Accountancy Services or to discuss your specific requirements with a member of our Team please call us on 01772 201015. Alternatively you can send an email to mail@cherryforensics.co.uk and a member of our Team will contact you at the earliest possible convenience